EP, Poughkeepsie,  NY


I am S~’s sister. Unfortunately, I haven’t met you yet . . . but S~ is just so thrilled with your class that I felt I must write you.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for being S~’s bright spot in the week! She is always telling me what a fine teacher you are and how much she looks forward to your class. She has told me the story of your bringing in the fall leaves from the tree outside of the classroom for her to paint. She loved it!

I am 19 years younger than S~ and I have NO artistic talents whatsoever so I admire her abilities and I appreciate your stoking the furnace of her diminished creativity!

We feel so blessed that you came into [her] life! She has so little opportunity for interaction that really excites her.

 PG, Fort Meyers, FL


The nice man . . . at ElderSparks, Alan Goldsmith, would be very impressed with the beautiful things you were making all your life. I want to thank him for his goodness in leading this group and getting you involved. He sounds like a real mensch, so todah rabah (thanks in Hebrew) a million times to you, Alan. Keep up the good work.

IP, Netanya, Israel


I know that [you’ve been] a great help to J~ in several ways. He always enjoyed his “art sessions” with you and was very proud of the projects he did. You helped him realize a creative part of himself that he didn’t even know existed. Thank you for giving him a sense of pride and accomplishment.

It’s always nice to go into his room and have him see all the bright, cheerful pictures on the walls, knowing he did them himself. It gave him the ability to brighten up his room and make it uniquely “his space.” Your visits gave him something to look forward to and he was able to express himself in a new way.

You always treated him with kindness, respect, and understanding and added fun to his otherwise boring day-to-day schedule. I’m sure that his ability to use his left hand became a bit more refined also. And along with all of these benefits, you gave him the gift of friendship. Thank you so much for being so dedicated to the wonderful work you do. J~ was very lucky to have been a part of it.

 EH, Titusville, NJ


Thank you so much for all you have done for my Mom. As you probably know, she is fading and probably will not be able to enjoy your artistic guidance this year as she had last year. I will always be delighted you were there to help her realize her joy at creating. ElderSparks sessions were among her happiest experiences as far back as I can remember. My gratitude to you for bringing her so much pleasure and self esteem as a creative person.

 JR, San Francisco, CA