Whenever I do my Picture This workshop, in which participants create an abbreviated graphic novel* based largely on their drawings of faces in various emotional, mental, and physical states, one of the fun illustrations I suggest they try is that of a sexy person. Bonus points are awarded if the subject is male because that seems more challenging given our society’s gender stereotypes.

Until last week, the only candidate was this NSFW picture, drawn by a healthy woman in her 70s several months ago:

A Sexy Person


Today however, I wish to announce a new winner, an even older female who attended a lunch-and-learn program I led at the local community center where I organize senior activities. Note the muscular thighs and forearms, six-pack abs, tight-fitting shorts, and featureless face except for the phallic nose.


Gotta love it!


* I use the term to make it sound more grandiose than it probably is.