At the beginning of April, my mother, Lillian, was taken to the emergency room at NY Methodist Hospital where doctors discovered she was suffering from pneumonia and two other infections. Although her condition soon became stabilized, her advanced age (98) and dementia left us with few other options besides hospice. Since April 21, she has been resting comfortably at Calvary Hospital in Brooklyn which specializes in end-of-life palliative care. No one at this point can predict how much longer she has to live.

The ElderSparks work has continued in both places, bringing humor, sweetness, and life-affirming energy to a situation no one looks forward to. The response of medical and support personnel who enter her room and are touched by what they see and hear is especially gratifying. As one might imagine, I’ve been spending most of my time at my mother’s bedside, leaving the rest of my life on hold. Once this particular chapter draws to a close, however, I hope to share it with readers in more detail.

My wife says goodbye to my mother before the ambulance arrives on April 3.